Switch Energy Supplier

Why Switch Energy Supplier?

If your business doesn’t compare energy suppliers regularly, you’re most likely overpaying on gas and electricity. With us, you could save an average of £179 a year on business gas and electric. If you’re looking to compare gas and electricity for your business, we make sure you get the most accurate energy deals on the market.

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Our Process

You can now compare energy deals for your business 100% online. Our business energy comparison site allows you to sign new contracts digitally,without having to worry about the paperwork between suppliers. We take care of everything for you. You don’t even need an MPAN! All you need to do is enter your business postcode and select your meter. Then, we’ll ask if we can retrieve your actual business energy consumption. We’ll then use your true consumption to compare energy tariffs from 22 business energy suppliers. You can then choose which is the best deal for you, with filters to organise by price, term and supplier.

Simply select the best business energy tariff for you, follow the online process, and e-sign your new contract! You’ll be switched over in just 3 minutes flat! Behind the scenes, we’ll get in touch with your old and new suppliers and arrange the necessary paperwork. We’ll then provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who’ll be available to you for the duration of your contract!

How do I use Business Energy Quotes.com?

  1. Enter your postcode– Select your business meter for compare gas and electric comparisons. Give us 10 seconds to compare energy tariffs.
  2. Compare tariffs– Search offers available to you from 22 business energy providers, including offers from Green Energy suppliers. View cost breakdowns from Unit Rate,Standing Charge, Day/Night splits.Filter your results by cost savings,term length or supplier.
  3. Switch your tariff– If you’ve found the best deal for you, use the online sign-up process to begin your switch! Once complete, you’ll e-sign your new contract and we’ll organise the switch between your suppliers. We do the work – you remain in control!

After using our service, you’ll be given your own Account Manager, an energy professional who will look after your business energy needs, providing you with advice and answering any questions you might have related to your deal.

Business energy contracts explained

You should know what type of tariff you’re on and what your contract type means for you. We’ll break down some of the tariff types you typically receive.

Fixed tariffs are a more straightforward option for businesses who are looking to maximise financial security: the unit prices will remain the same throughout the full duration of your agreed energy contract. This method is popular for SMEs as it makes financial forecasting and long-term budgeting simpler, ensuring businesses are able to prepare and plan in advance of their energy bills. However, if the wholesale energy markets drop in price, you will not be able to capitalise on cheaper rates until your next business energy renewal. Moreover, as a contingency measure in advance of potential market changes, suppliers may charge you higher rates per kWh (kilowatt-hour).

Variable tariffs Variable tariffs are unlike fixed tariffs as the until price for your energy may change with fluctuations in the wholesale energy markets. It could go one of two ways for your costs:When the market drops and wholesale energy prices are lower, you could find your energy bill is considerably cheaper than what it might have been on a fixed tariff.However, if the market sees an increase in wholesale energy prices, it also means an increase in your energy bills.It is important to keep updated on the state of the energy market to anticipate the factors which may cause market fluctuations.You can learn more about the latest updates on the energy industry and understand market analysis at https://www.ngpltd.co.uk/news-insights or you can follow us on social media.

Green tariff Green energy deals use renewable energy sources, ensuring your business energy is environmentally friendly. Using Green Energy is becoming more and more important for businesses as the UK government accelerates its plans towards building a net-zero economy.

How can I reduce my energy bills?

Savings on your energy deals are more common than you’d expect. The key is to be aware of your options when you compare business gas and electric. Here are our top tips:

  1. Shop around for quotes and compare energy plans
  2. Use our online switching platform to your advantage
  3. Consider the ‘phantom’ energy costs of heating, and lighting
  4. Generate your own power from renewables
  5. Optimise your kVA capacity
  6. Ask us for help!

Energy suppliers we work with

We work with 22 business energy suppliers who provide energy quotes for business gas and electricity, including renewable energy providers.

We understand that clients do not always look for the most discounted offers and reduced energy tariffs, but also value, require and look for suppliers with excellent reliability and outstanding customer service. This is why we have designed stringent measures for suppliers to get onto our panel. Some of the criteria are:

  • Commitment to consumer care – our suppliers must be willing to put our clients first
  • Commitment to competitive pricing – to ensure parity and openness, we make sure our suppliers are pricing appropriately, making sure you will never overpay
  • Shared values of creating a seamless, frustration-free consumer experience
  • Mutual agreement to make switching transitions as easy as possible for consumers
  • Communication and transparency

Need help choosing a plan, or want to make an enquiry?

We are always available for any help and assistance you may need, or to answer any queries. Give us a call, or if you prefer email simply use our form.

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