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Tuesday, April 6th 2021

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A pretty interface is just one of the many benefits of

What is Business Energy Quotes? is business energy price comparison website for small businesses and sole traders. It’s the very first, dedicated business energy price comparison engine on the market. It’s stacked with some exclusive features.

What’s new with Business Energy Quotes?

It’s fast.

Previously, switching business energy was a time-consuming process. For a long time, there was no quick way to compare business energy quotes from a range of suppliers. People would only ever contact the ‘Big Six’ or just accept the inflated renewal from current suppliers. If businesses did want to save money, they were stuck doing all the work.

But it’s all changed now. Thanks to, you can compare quotes in seconds and switch 100% online. There’s no need for a phone-call. You can see the best prices for you, from over 21 business energy suppliers, in just a few seconds.

Built with speed and efficiency in mind, its smart software lets you search within 10 seconds using just a postcode. You won’t need to search for bills, documents or MPANs. We do all that for you. What’s more, is that the entire switching process is automated, letting you e-sign your new contract in under three minutes. It’s definitely not just a pretty interface!

It’s accurate. can access national grid data for your energy. This means we can find your actual consumption values. And that means we can base your quotes on energy you actually consume. For you, it simply means: more accurate quotes.

We don’t use estimates. is the first platform with access to the grid your energy data. You won’t find results as accurate as ours elsewhere on the market. You’ve got a greater chance of finding savings through Again, definitely not just a pretty interface!

Why should you use

You need to compare quotes. Don’t even consider signing a new business energy contract without comparing quotes first. With no-obligation quotes from, it’s really easy to be confident you’re on the best deal for your business.

Businesses don’t always realise how much money they’re losing. By not switching, Ofgem calculate that as many as 10% of small businesses are overpaying by up to 80% on business energy. Considering 99% of all UK businesses are SME, that’s a lot of businesses, and a lot more wasted money.

Fortunately, businesses now have more awareness of their energy costs. More than half the small businesses surveyed by the Federation of Small Businesses compare quotes to ensure their offers remain competitive.

But that still leaves 46% of small businesses at risk of moving over to an inflated business energy contract.

Follow these simple steps:

It makes sense to see if you can save money on your business energy. It only takes 10 seconds to search.

  • Enter business postcode and select meter from drop-down menu
  • Choose new offer based on your actual consumption
  • Secure your contract with an e-signature
  • Put money back in your pocket and get back to the things that matter to your business!

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