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Wednesday, June 16th 2021

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Ofgem’s June 2021 proposed reforms to crack down on poor practices conducted by energy brokers are wins for UK microbusinesses. has several standards already in place that provide all customers the best in energy switching services.

On 1 June 2021, Ofgem issued a set of proposals to help millions of microbusinesses find a better energy deal. The proposals given in the government regulator’s Statutory Consultation: Microbusiness Strategic Review are aimed at strengthening consumer rights for microbusinesses. They are expected to be entered into force later this year. Ofgem projects that these reforms will crack down on poor practices found in some energy suppliers and brokers and to make practices more transparent, amongst other reforms.

At, a sister company of Northern Gas and Power and part of Global Procurement Group, it is our mission to provide small and microbusinesses with fair and competitive energy pricing quotes. We derive our ethos from Northern Gas and Power, who has vast and appraised experience in delivering first-class aftercare and customer services. Our ethos is to make managing and renewing business energy procurement and accounts an effortless and efficient process which helps business energy customers secure their business energy deals. It is also our goal to provide a range of support above and beyond our core competencies, to help your business better understand, manage, and use its energy.

As Ofgem’s final proposals to help microbusiness customers get better energy deals moves ahead to potential implementation later this year, here are the ways in which we already ensure that your journey to a new business energy contract is comfortable, pressure-free, and transparent. Below are our policies and standards in response to the major points outlined in Ofgem’s proposals:

We discuss and review all aspects of the energy contract with you

Ofgem’s package of support further ensures that customers receive all they need to know from the energy broker in both the pre- and post-contract agreement when choosing an energy supplier. The proposal strengthens existing rules on the provision of principal contractual terms in the Standards of Conduct.

On BusinessEnergyQuotes, you’ll see an outline of all charges before you sign any sort of contract, including standing and price per unit charges, predicted total spend, and your predicted savings. After you have chosen a quote and have entered your company and payment details to secure a new energy contract, one of our representatives will contact you to review and discuss the contract terms. We have online, telephone, and e-mail support ready for you when you have questions about the contract at any step of the process.

As part of our Company Customer Standards (section 4), we expect our representatives to provide accurate and all relevant information for customers at all times. This is to ensure that you are completely comfortable with and in full understanding of your new energy contract. Plus, we even remind you of when the contract will soon expire and protect you from costly rollover contracts.

We are open about our commission fees

The review proposes strengthened obligations for brokers to clearly state what the brokerage costs in the supply of the energy contract will be. With us, there are no hidden fees – we provide this information to you upfront before you sign the relevant supply contract. Our service charge is included within the unit rates that we offer. There are no other fees on top. As Business Energy Quotes, we charge a maximum of 1.5pence per/kwh, a fee that is the same for any supplier who you choose.

The resolution of broker disputes

A new supply license condition for energy suppliers to only work with energy contract brokers signed up to a qualifying alternative resolution scheme. We strive to achieve the highest levels of service, and should you have issue with any of our services or products, we provide a four-stage dispute resolution policy that is open to all our customers. The resolution policy looks like this: 

  • Raise the concern to our dedicated complaints team.
  • We acknowledge all queries within 24 hours. 
  • We aim to complete our investigation with 10 working days of acknowledgement. We provide the details of our investigation to you, and a follow-up call or e-mail is done. 
  • If the outcome is still unsatisfactory to you, we will provide details of additional processes and external bodies who may be able to escalate the issue.
  • This four-stage dispute resolution policy is given in further detail in supporting documents for our active customers. 

    Cooling-off period 

    The final proposal includes the introduction of a 14-day cooling-off period for microbusiness contract. This would give microbusinesses the right to cancel a new contract by giving notice to the new supplier up to 14 days after the date the contract was entered into and the customer had been provided with the principal terms in writing.

    Together as a group, Global Procurement Group are bound by the terms of the supplier and what they offer to the client. Once suppliers offer the cooling off period, we will honour that, too.

    Banning notification requirements 

    Suppliers will be banned from requiring microbusiness from providing notices of their intent to switch suppliers. We do not disclose any such information to the suppliers with whom we cooperate. Our engagement with suppliers is initiated only after you have completed the online form on

    Have peace of mind when switching suppliers endeavours to provide all customers with the best service and rates. The standard of excellence in customer service and care for your consumer rights are established by Northern Gas and Power’s reputation as the UK’s largest, most dependable networks in the utilities sector who provide expert and disciplined advice in procurement, energy services, and technology.

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